The Best Stores That Are Like Zara

When shopping on a high-street budget, it’s all too easy to fall for the trend-smashing charms and very regular new-in arrivals at Zara—we’re only human. The Spanish superbrand works fast and efficiently and never appears to miss a beat when it comes to the items we want to fill our wardrobes with at any given moment. In many instances, Zara can be credited with setting retail trends that other affordable stores follow—think of how every brand scrambled to produce a loose-fitting polka-dot midi when that dress took off a couple of summers ago. Right now, the store’s shoe collection is strong, and the vibrant colours on offer are giving many of us the feels, but there are other ways and other shops that provide the same level of inspiration and excitement.

If you want to be truly on top of your consumption, then we will always be here to chart the top trends you can buy second-hand. In fact, we’re pretty obsessed when it comes to hunting down affordable vintage items. If, however, you aren’t yet a wiz in the thrifting department, there are some other affordable agenda-setting stores that provide products that are just as good as Zara’s, only you won’t see them all over the streets or Instagram because they are that little bit more niche. From an affordable Swedish brand that’s doing impressive things with its sustainability credentials (the detail and visibility on its site is really next-level) through to another Spanish label you should never ever overlook, especially in the summer months, the below brands aren’t Zara, and that’s okay! Keep scrolling to shop the other labels on top of their game.

2021-07-22 04:05:00

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